Etnyre Chipspreader.

In 2008 we purchased an Etnyre Chipspreader. This has proved to be a very efficient machine, with minimal wastage unlike previous chipspreaders this machine was completely electronic, thereby ensuring an even spread rate of stone at variable speeds.

In 2010 we purchased an Etnyre 4wd chipspreader. This model has some improvements on the 2008 model, in that it has a cab ensuring operator safety and comfort. Due to the four wheel drive function of this machine it can work in all terrain and has an improved production rate.
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Bitumen Distributors

In 2007 we purchased 2 Bitumen Distributors (1x12000lts and 1x14000lts).

These proved to be very valuable machines in the chip and spray operations as well as the recycling operations. The main reason being, that we are no longer reliant on outside transporters to supply our materials. We therefore have an increase in production and decrease in standing time.

Due to the high risks associated with manual spray rigs we have invested in a fully automated rig which eliminates the need for an operator to stand on the back. This rig can be operated completely from inside the cab and uses diesel fuel for heating procedures doing away with the need to transport and store gas cylinders.