Wirtgen Recycling Machines

In 2007 we purchased a WR 2000 Wirtgen Recycling Machine for rehabilitation work. We have also purchased a W150 Deep Cut Milling Machine to provide a professional service. In 2008 we ventured into the foam bitumen market with the purchase of a WR 2400 Wirtgen Recycling Machine. Since the introduction of these machines we have become one of the fastest production teams in KwaZulu-Natal. We are able to do up to 1.2km (full width) in day as opposed to the industry norm of 500m (full width). This feat has earned us recognition with Wirtgen Internationals head office in Germany.

Before the inception of recycling machines the use of a Grader or Dozer for rehabilitation was common, however this was an extremely laborious (mx.320m/day) and wasteful method, as consistent mix was not always easily achieved. With the use of Recycling Machines we are now able to do a variety of mix designs for various applications with little or no waste. The introduction of the Wirtgen Recycling Machine has also brought about a new concept in road rehabilitation with the use of foam bitumen.

Our recycling team consists of: 1xWR 2000 Wirtgen Recycling Machine, 2xWR 2400 Wirtgen Recycling Machine, 4x self heating Bitumen/Emulsion Tankers, 4x16000lt Water Carts, 2x 20ton Padfoot rollers, 2×15 ton Smoothdrum Rollers, 2x 5m Mechanical Brooms and 2x Pneumatic Tyre Rollers.